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1-2-3 internetXPetabit pulses light @ speed of light surpassing copper wire communication. Bell Labs has reached 100millionXFaster internet setting world record One Petabit per Second Optic-FibersTransmission: Equivalent to Sending 5,000 HDTV Videos per Second over a single Optic Fiber.

Electric line poles provide your entire State upgraded Optic-Fibers OpticalCyber UnitedStatesGIG SmartGIGgrid online connection in less than one year!

HandymanTV installs smartGIGgrid using overhead electric poles by wrapping OpticCyber Fiber cable to the existing power line wire.

Installation is carried out using OpticalWrap device which travels along the host conductor carrying a drum of OpticalCyber Fiber cable. The OpticalWrap device rotates as it moves and wraps the cable under carefully controlled tension onto the host conductor wire at a pitch length of about three quarters of a meter. Clamps are used on each side of each pole to hold the OpticalWrap Fiber cable in place on the conductor.

May be buried in the ground, however such is labor intensive, costing more material and labor, and time to install.

Optic-Fibers supported by existing pole wire, is light weight and does not place extra load on the poles supporting the power line nor does it reduce the ground clearance under the line, and routine maintenance tasks on overhead electrical distribution lines such as replacing insulators and transformers can be carried out, OpticCyber is very small with zero effect on both mechanical and electrical performance of the overhead line.

Optic-Fibers create a Smart UnitedStates ElectricGrid for monitoring now older electrical grids, rolling out a NEW internet-grid onto electricity distribution infrastructure utilities will meet Green Agenda targets. And connecting all the way through to the users' premises will also assist the consumer to be smart when to buy electricity at a best price conserving energy! internet smart GIGgrid+
Connectivity every isolated community across America! Speed-of-light Petabit+60millionXFaster internet downloads seconds what it takes Comcast-Time Warner 26 minutes! SmartGIGgrid upgrades all UnitedStates ElectricGrid to meet Green Agenda global warming targets.

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Receive phoneFREESERVICE keep the phone you have now, keep your number, cut your phone bill to zero, your works from SmartGIGgrid modems on telephone poles not unsightly cell towers, and SmartGIGgrid will eventually drive your car!

SmartGIGgrid "CyberOptic" steps it up from Megabit to Gigabit to Terabit to Petabit CyberOptic+60milllionXFaster than Comcast-Warner, and provides FREE phone service!

Save and do more with leading un-compromised technology! SmartGIGgrid XPetabit empowers your smartdevice +60millionXtimes faster internet for half what you pay Comcast-Time Warner now.

Petaoptic interacting high speed problems are identified fast! Resolves cyber hacking.
+FASTER never see spinning wheel of delay!
Downloads seconds what Comcast & Time Warner takes 26 minutes!
FREE! All schools public/private, and low income families.
+GO GREEN SAVE! Reduce global warming reduce your bill.

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